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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Like many of you, I was puzzled to not see more news coverage of the Nashville flood. We only learned of the true extent of the disaster from friends of ours who live in areas hit by the flood.
It's really been refreshing to see the Tennesseans set an example of self sufficiency by rolling up their sleeves and putting their lives back together.
My only regret is that I'm not up there helping them.
Although some people have applied for government assistance, the universal cry for the nanny state is not there, as it was in New Orleans. I was disgusted to hear Brad Paisley say, in his interview with Anderson Cooper, that he thought the most important thing was that people should know that the government was standing by, there was a number folks could dial and get immediate help. (I don't know WHAT he was drinking!)
As Frank Ross writes, "Well, who cares about Opryland? Or Nashvegas — the home of the country music industry — for that matter? Bunch of hillbillies and, most likely, Tea Partiers."

Sounds like racial profiling to me...

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