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Friday, February 5, 2010

Obama's State Of The Union Address

For those of you who didn't hear it, you didn't miss much.
It was just one long pep talk about how we're going to spend ourselves into prosperity, how more government intervention will be so much better, etc. Only in the last 15 minutes of his hour plus speech did he speak about what he, as the civil magistrate, was supposed to talk about, which is wielding the sword.
And that was an even bigger disappointment.
Something about how we are going to allow diversity to flourish through a new law on sodomites in the military.
The Republican response wasn't much better.
They didn't argue about whether or not we are going to have Obamacare, but how much Obamacare they were going to allow.

Throughout it all, one lie was agreed to by both republicans and democrats.
A world class education is the key to prosperity.
Of course, they aren't talking about a world class education by God's standards, they are talking about getting good grades in public school so you can go to college for 4 years so you can learn to be a government slave.

Be that as it may, God is in the heavens, and I end with this quote:

Whatever resistance we see today offered by almost all the world to the progress of the truth, we must not doubt that our Lord will come at last to break through all the undertaking of men and make a passage for His word. Let us hope boldly, then, more than we can understand; He will still surpass our opinion and our hope.

- John Calvin

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