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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I don't often listen to talk radio show host Glenn Beck, but momma was telling me about one of his rants the other day. This one was about what a terrible impact Franklin Delano Roosevelt had on our nation. But, he followed this up by saying "Thank you, Abraham Lincoln".

H.L. Mencken once said “Lincoln has become one of our national deities and a realistic examination of him is thus no longer possible.”

Deity or not, a realistic examination of him is extremely necessary.

In Thomas Dilorenzo's book Hamilton's Curse, multiple "historians" are quoted as saying, about Lincoln:

"Never had the power of a dictator fallen into safer hands"- James Ford Rhodes

"If Lincoln was a dictator, it must be admitted that he was a benevolent dictator".- James G. Randall

The bottom line is, Lincoln violated the Constitution by:
- beginning war without the consent of Congress
- unilaterally and illegally suspending the writ of habeas corpus
- imprisoning tens of thousands of northern political dissenters
- censored all telegraph communications
- confiscated firearms in the border states

...and the list goes on!

So what if he was a "benevolent" dictator?! The precedents he established have endured to this day and have heavily influenced the ability of every pro-tyranny president from FDR to Obama, to impose anti-Biblical rule on America.

Mr. Beck: No Lincoln, no FDR.

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