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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Family We Destroyed

Some of y'all have perhaps heard of the TLC show "Jon and Kate plus 8". We were able to see a few episodes of the show during a vacation last year. It seemed like perhaps secular culture was so shocked by the Duggar family that they wanted to see a snazier version of them.
Enter the Gosselins.
Apparently, they are Christians, thought this is not evident on the show. The parents were constantly arguing with each other and we thought originally that this was a publicity stunt. One of our family dinner table discussions was the antithesis between the Gosselins and the Duggars.

There seem to have been several problems with the show, that should have been red lights to the parents. CNN reports that the Gosselins are paid approximately $50,000-$75,000 per episode of "Jon & Kate Plus 8."
Eight little kids, I can only imagine, is a HUGE drain on the parents time and energy, but as life became more and more complicated, they discovered that they had enough money to hire someone to take care of the kids so they could go on tours. Then they discovered they had enough money to hire lawyers so they could divorce.

While if they had just been left alone in their own corner, this former family could still be a Godly example to their community, instead of another statistic, showing that lots of kids are a burden.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

The Alabama Governors Race

This one is going to be interesting.

As most of you know, I am politically conservative so I won't be wasting time by discussing the Democratic candidates.

The current candidates, to the best of my knowledge is:
1. Tim James
2. Kay Ivey
3. Roy Moore
4. Bill Johnson
5. Bradley Byrne
6. Tony Petelos
7. Robert Bentley

Alot of folks, huh?

This post will mainly focus on Tim James and Roy Moore, but here is a brief synopsis of the other candidates.
Kay Ivey- is the current state treasurer. It should be pretty easy to see why she won't get my vote.
Bill Johnson- director of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. He is closely associated with Bob "Spongebob Taxpants" Riley, as his campaign manager in '02 and a member of his cabinet, a fact that does not recommend him.
Bradley Byrne- former state senator and educator.
Tony Petelos- Mayor of the fifth largest city in the state, Hoover. Has a reputation for inovation, for example, the city's municipal fleet runs on biomass fuel (oh, please).
Robert Bentley- is in his second term in the legislature. He is a successful dermatologist from Tuscaloosa, and served on the 2008 Republican National Platform Committee.

I think everyone is aquainted with Roy Moore, the former Chief Justice who was removed from office after refusing to take down the Ten Commandments monument. Moore is very sharp. He has large portions of the Bible and the Constitution commited to memory. This is a great weapon to have in one's arsenal. However, he is perhaps too abrasive and I think it was this abrasiveness that cost him the governor's race last time. He would be a fantastic Chief Justice or "Ron Paul" type person in congress, but not as governor.

Tim James is a "politicker". Despite that, I believe his heart's in the right place. His family was one of the greatest supporters of Judge Moore during his troubles, and James is going to get my vote. He's a staunch conservative and will make a fantastic governor.

However, I could be wrong.

I felt the same way about Riley once.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

She's Still A Girl

I fondly remember a scene from the Andy Griffith comedy No Time For Sergeants when he and his buddy are approached by a female in uniform. Being higher ranked then they are, she proceeds to dress them down. While Andy's buddy, Ben, converses with the woman, he stands there dumbfounded, barely able to salute. After she leaves Ben, astonished, asked "what got into you?" Andy asks what a woman was doing on the air forces base. Ben explains that she was a captain and that they were supposed to salute her just like they were to salute a male superior. Andy vehemently states that he didn't see a captain, but a woman.

Apparently, there are still some guys that can't tell the difference...

When Brigadier General Michael Walsh repeatedly answered the questions of Senator Barbara Boxer with , "Yes, ma'am," and "No, ma'am," during Senate hearing Tuesday, she stated:

"Could you say 'senator' instead of 'ma'am?' It's just a thing. I worked so hard to get that title. I'd appreciate it."

Now, I'm by no means surprised by this, I do find it sad.

Mr. Rick Williams of the Old Virginia Blog muses that his reply should have been:

"Actually ma'am, my mama taught me to use that term since I was knee high to a grasshopper. It's just a thing; as you say. And, though I mean no disrespect, I value her instructions and what she taught me more than I do your position or the opinion of this body. In the South, we consider ma'am a courteous and respectful term. Actually, with all the scandals associated with the Congress and the fact that this legislative body has a lower public approval rating than an ax murderer, most folks where I come from consider the term "Senator" pejorative. That means low-down, ma'am. Come to think of it, perhaps Senator does fit you better."

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natural Fly Spray....Suggestions?

Please forgive my lack of posts! We're still getting used to a new schedule, buying a new van and getting the old one ready to sell, so posting will be sporadic in the next several days.

Ok, now down to business. We were checking on our cow the other day and noticed there were 10-12 of those nasty, big ol' honkin horse flies on her. This is in addition to the 2-3,000 (it seemed like) regular flies.
In the past, we've tried using plain vinegar and vinegar mixed with the Essential Oil sage. We are currently using a product called Hi-Yield, it's VERY concentrated and not natural at all.

So I just wanted to ask all y'all with milkin' critters, what do y'all use?

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Boyd Family Landmark

Over twenty-five years ago, before dad met mom, he began work for the Jefferson County (AL) Tax Collectors office.
About five years later, my parents were married and two years later, I was born. With the arrival of the rest of my siblings, and as we grew older, our parents began to seek guidance as to the best method of education for us. Through the teaching of the Welch family, whom many of you know, my parents felt led to homeschool us. As they took this step of faith, many other questions came up like, what is the role of the father in education?
As they examined these issues, the Lord, working through people like Doug Phillips, brought my parents to the conclusion that my dad needed to come home, to take the leadership of our family. At this time, he had been working at "the county" for about fifteen years and had what most people would consider a "sweetheart deal" through benefits, etc.
After many years of prayer, and the Lord opening door after door, my father was able to retire two weeks ago, and begin working on our family business as an independent contractor.
I'm sure to many people, the choice to leave such a steady job, especially considering the economic situation, seemed like a crazy idea!

I'm sure I don't know the half of what my dad and mom went through emotionally, but it's a great testimony to me that God has been faithful to provide for my family so far and we trust him to provide for us in the future. I have even more respect for my parents than before, just from watching them work through this prayerfully and I look forward to the impact that this will have on future generations of Boyds!

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who'd Have Thought?...

...One year ago, when B. Hussein Obama won the Democratic nomination, that he'd win? I certainly didn't. I thought perhaps a member of the Republican party would pull it off. "After all, our nation is still really conservative. "
Then McCain was nominated and it got worse. Palin became his choice for vice president and the decision was narrowed to a liberal and a liberal. The thing that really burned me up, was all of the Christians that threw their support to McCain, and lost their reputation. Guys like Dr. Dobson and Doug Wilson.
Fortunantly, there were some leaders left, like Pastor Morecraft and Doug Phillips. Their example is a lesson to us all: don't settle for anything less than the standard set in God's word.

I'm actually kind of glad that B. Hussein Obama was elected. His radical views have shocked many Americans into the Second Millenium. If McCain had been elected, imagine how many Christians would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep? Automobile industries are now government or foreign owned. Banks are next.
And yet our leader seems to think he has it all under control.

I don't know what God has in store for our country, but I can't wait to find out. It's going to be really exciting!

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