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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Death Of A Tyrant

Henry VIII of England died on this day in 1547. He was best known for creating the Anglican Church, or Church of England, and his opposition to the Reformation. Henry did his best to drive out all of the Protestants and was responsible for many of their deaths, including that of William Tyndale. Henry's son, Edward VI, assumed the throne.

Edward was a Godly man and did all in his power to further the effects of the Reformation, but with the exception of Edward and his successor, Lady Jane Grey, all of the Tudors and Stuarts who ruled Great Britain were great tyrants.

Why were they so opposed to the Reformation?
Because the basic presupposition of the Reformation was that Jesus Christ is Lord of all. That's what all the great reformers taught, but when we study the beliefs of all the Tudors and Stuarts, we find that their presupposition is called the "Divine Right of Kings". Basically, the Divine Right of Kings is the idea that since God has given authority to the king, the king's word is law. They demand unconditional obedience and they hated the reformers because the reformers continually posed the question: what if the king requires us to do that which is contrary to the law of God?

That's a good question. What will we do when our leader requires us to disobey the law of God?

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