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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I had originally posted the video clip of Matt Damon slamming Sarah Palin to show that even pagans sometimes see the absurdity of a woman being the commander in chief. Matt's pagan world view is obvious by his slam of Creation near the end of the clip. Although he brings up several valid concerns about Sarah's qualifications for office, it seems that he would consider supporting a future female candidate, if she has the proper qualifications.

So what qualifies a candidate for civil office in God's economy? I believe the qualifications for elder in Titus 1 would also apply to civil government. Those guidelines are (vs 6):

~ Unreproveable (spotless character)
~ The husband of one wife
~ Having faithful children who are also unreproveable,

With this in mind, what candidate meets those qualifications?

Jason, I'd stick to knocking out the CIA, if I were you.

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