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Thursday, July 31, 2008

He Blew With His Winds, And They Were Scattered

July 31st marks the anniversary of the first of three encounters between the English navy and the mighty Spanish Armada. In 1588, the forces clashed off the coast of Plymouth. Although the English were a great harrasment, the Spanish would continue on up the coast in the direction of London. On August 9, a great storm blew the Spanish off course, sinking many ships. They were forced to abort the mission and sail back to Spain by the northern coast of Scotland, between the Shetlands and the Orkneys, and around the western coast of Ireland. On the return trip more ships were lost to the Autumn gales that swept through the area.

Today, many people attribute this victory to the skill of the English sailors. But those who where affected most by this catastrophe knew exactly why the Spanish had failed. When Phillip II, king of Spain, heard of the debacle he said: "I sent the Armada against men, not God's winds and waves". This deliverance was such a blessing to the English people that a medal was struck commemorating the event. The inscription read: He blew with His winds, and they were scattered. Some versions even have the Hebrew word Jehovah included on the medal.

The defeat of the Spanish armada was perhaps the most important military engagement of the time. Protestantism had just gained a toehold in England and if the Roman Catholic Spainiards had taken over, that would have marked the end of Protestantism in England. The momentum caused by the Spanish defeat also encouraged the British leadership to colonize the New World. The implications of this victory are endless. If we look at history the truth becomes clear: it was God who drove back the armada. By His providential intervention, America was colonized as a Christian nation, founded on the principles of God's Word.

Oh, that we might return to those principles!

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Blogger Son3 said...

Interesting! It’s always amazing how many things God provided the Protestants for them to not only thrive, but flourish!

According to my family history, our characteristic black hair comes from the Spanish survivors of the very same wreckage.

Some swam to Ireland, and later married and mingled the gene pools.

July 31, 2008 at 4:36 PM  

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