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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Death Of The Lion

Richard Cameron was perhaps the greatest of the Covenanter pastors. He was fiery, articulate, and radical. Known as the "Lion of the Covenant", he was forced to flee to Holland for a time, he soon returned and began to lead a group of milita, who would later come to be known as the Cameronians. Probably the best known Covenanter document, the Sanquhar Declaration was written by him. This declaration disowned all allegiance to the Stuart tyranny and renewed the allegiance of all true Presbyterians to the lordship of King Jesus.

On this day in 1680, his militia was attacked by the British at Airds Moss. As his party sighted the dragoons, they came together and Cameron prayed, repeating over and over, "Lord, spare the green and take the ripe". To his brother, who was a soldier under him, he said, "Come, let us fight it out to the last; for this is the day which I have longed for, and the day that I have prayed for, to die fighting against our Lord's avowed enemies; this is the day we will get the crown. As true Scotsmen they fought gallantly, making their foe pay for the victory, but they were all slain, overwhelmed by numbers. Cameron, being already dead, was beheaded and his hands were cut off to be displayed in Edinborough.

Richard Cameron continues to be an inspiration to me. His non-compromising attitude toward the enemies of Christ is most admirable and worth emulating. What a glorious way to die! Fighting to the last against the enemies of Christ. We too can lament, as did Cameron's friend and fellow pastor Alexander Peden, "O tae be wi' Ritchie!".

Here is yet another good example of a Christian Sheepdog.

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