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Monday, June 2, 2008

Of Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs...

I have often enjoyed watching sheepdogs work (especially Border collies). It is fascinating to me how the shepherd and the sheepdog communicate and how they both work together for the good of the flock....

It is also interesting to me how men tend to gravitate toward things of a martial nature. God has designed men to fight and defend. To me, that is one of the most drastic differences between men and women. Now, I firmly believe that women should be trained in the use of weapons, but the man is the designated protector and defender. God has given man dominion over the earth. This does not mean that we should go on a killing rampage, but rather to be a steward of the land (this is also key to understand the theology of the land).

Though sheepdogs are never mentioned in scripture, the metaphor of Christ as the Great Shepherd, and we as his sheep, is often used. The wicked are often referred to as wolves. So where does the sheepdog come into the picture? The sheepdog is represented by the men who are ready, willing, and able, to place themselves between the sheep and the wolves. Now, by no means should this be interpreted as adding to scripture, but I think this is a very applicable analogy. The sheepdogs are also under the authority of the Great Shepherd and they obey his voice, but they act as an umbrella of protection over the sheep. Wolves can come in many different forms. A wolf could be a punk looking for someone to beat up, or a catastrophic situation. One of my favorite examples of sheepdogs at work, is the story of the H.M.S. Troopship Birkenhead. Those men who gave their lives for the sheep ("women and children first") were sheepdogs. Although I strongly encourage that people learn to defend themselves (a.k.a.- handgun training, martial arts) and others, it is also important to be well-read, so we can "give an answer for the hope that is within us", to wolves that would seek to destroy the spiritual sheep.

This is imperitave for men! I have only recently come to understand the sheepdog principle, through an article entitled, The Christian Martialist as Sheepdog. The author of this article has much more insight into this idea, and I highly recommend reading his blog, Warskyl: A Page For Christian Martialist

So my exhortation to you is, *"
Be of good courage and let us play the man for our people and for the cities of our God and may the Lord do what seems good to Him." "Duty is ours, but the consequences are God's"- Stonewall Jackson.

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*--Bible verse from II Samuel 11:12

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Blogger Gravelbelly said...

Shiny! Thanks for the good article, and for the link to WARSKYL.

Also, because of my focus, I've never mentioned there are those who prey upon the sheep with falsehoods and deceit. These, also, are wolves. The well-rounded sheepdog should be and apologist as well as a fighter -- a warrior/scholar, if you will.

June 2, 2008 at 10:39 AM  

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