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Friday, April 25, 2008

Portrait of a Man: Oliver Cromwell

On this day in 1599, Oliver Cromwell was born in the English town of Huntingdon. Cromwell has been greatly abused, by modern historians, as a usurper of the English throne, and as one who supported anarchy, for "killing" the king of England, Charles I. I was of this opinion also, until I heard Pastor Morecraft's lectures on Oliver Cromwell, from the History of the Reformation series.

Cromwell has made a huge impact on the world for Christ as a Godly precedent for civil magistrates. He believed in a covenantal system of government, where the king covenants before God and the people, to uphold the law of God. The people then covenant before God to obey the king as long as he upholds Gods law. This form of government became Oliver's code, as he became the English ruler, a position which was forced upon him after the just execution of Charles I, who had been a great tyrant.

I highly recommend J. H. Merle D'aubigne's biography of Cromwell entitled, The Protector.

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