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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Portrait of a Man: Bill Potter

In Praise of Potters

by Matthew Chancey, dedicated to William Potter, August 18, 2004

Through the battlefield he roams,

Recounting the days long since gone.

Hands waiving, gesturing always,

Ghosts of memory reborn.

From whence comes this storyteller?

What hall of academia begot him?

What guild claims membership of his mind,

And inspires such passion for ancient paths?

He comes from field and from fire.

In youth, he drank the living stream.

Stories of valor and courage unmatched,

Replaced the boyish games of peers.

While friends swung wooden bats at balls,

He read of swinging sword and axe.

While others climbed trees and mountain tops,

He read of breastworks charged and vanquished.

His friends rode to games and parades,

But he rode with Ashby and Stuart.

His peers camped by rivers in peaceful glades,

But he camped with Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

They hunted for deer; he hunted for Grant.

They ran in their races; he ran the blockade.

They fought over toys; he defended the Cause,

He is the South’s great story teller!

But where did he come from? What institution?

Does he sell books or teach verse?

Neither, I’m sure, you be puzzled to learn,

He sells rugs in the Chesapeake markets.

I know you will marvel at such revelation,

“Strange fate for a master of time.”

But God sits enthroned and strongly proclaims,

That He makes fishermen leaders of men.

God laughs at the teachers who lie and distort,

And weave fiction as they poison young minds.

But in their arrogant, pensioned halls,

They’re vanquished by merchants of rugs.

Praise be to God, the Great Storyteller,

Who puts down Goliath with pebbles!

The wisdom of God makes fools of the scholars,

And heroes of merchants and Potters.

Mr. Potter is now the Historian and Curator of the Circa History Guild, as was stated in the last post. It was a great honor to have the opportunity to meet him and talk with him about books pertaining to military history, a subject on which he is very knowledgeable. Besides the book he has authored, he is the lecturer in a series on Providential battles and on the History of Warfare Technology produced by Vision Forum. He also made an appearance on a documentary entitled Still Standing: The Stonewall Jackson Story. He is an ardent Presbyterian, as well as passionately Southern. I highly recommend all of his material.

(In Praise of Potters, courtesy of Mr. Matt Chancey)

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